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Our Process



Shrinathji Granite controls the entire production chain, from selection of blocks to processing into slabs and delivery to the end customer, eliminating the middlemen. Controlling both the production and logistics of our Granite allows us to offer superior products at better prices. 

Our team has always been recognised for its careful selection of blocks of stone from finest quarries across the globe.

Mines 2.jpg

Careful Selection

The blocks are further introduced to the fully automatic circular sawing machine at our plant, producing slabs of predefined thickness.  

Cutter photo.jpeg


The slabs are then introduced to the fully automatic disk head polishing machine line, producing finely polished slabs of requisite finishes. 

Liner Polish Machine 3.jpg

Customised Finishing

Quality is regularly checked and monitored by our experienced team, during the complete production process, ensuring the final product fully meets customer's specifications.



Our shipment team is committed to timely delivering the intact products in perfectly packed condition, to our customers located all across the globe.


Packaging & Delivery

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