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  • How do I select the right stone for my project?
    Each piece of Natural stone is unique in terms of its color, pattern, strength & texture. Great expertise is required to carefully choose the right material for the specific application. So, our team of stone experts will understand your needs and wishes, and accordingly guide you in the selection of the ideal material for your project.
  • Is it possible to visualize the construction project three-dimensionally?
    On request, we can visualize your building projects completely in 3D by our in-house design team. In this way, all installed elements can be represented virtually and a realistic end result is simulated for the customer.
  • The stone I am looking for is not on the website, can you find it for me?"
    Yes, not all stones are listed on the website. So, tell us the name of the stone that you are looking for and we’ll find it for you.
  • Can I get customized finishes?
    Yes, we can prepare granite slabs in various finishes like High gloss, honed, lapatora and brushed.
  • Which surface finish should I go for?
    Our technical team will assist you in selecting the right finish type for your stone, by understanding the nature of the stone and its application requirement as per your project.
  • Is granite heat resistant?
    Yes, Granite is heat resistant and unlike quartz, it can withstand the heat of hot pots and pans without damage, thus making Granite a perfect choice for kitchen countertops. Also, its strong inner formation makes it frost resistant.
  • Does Shrinathji Granite sell artificial stones?
    No, Shrinathji Granite only sells 100% natural stone products. We firmly believe in the benefits of natural stone as a high quality product, competitive and sustainable.
  • Can I place order online?
    Yes, off course. Nowadays, most of our customers prefer online communication over the conventional way of making physical visit. So, our team will accompany you step by step from selection and planning to production and delivery, all over online media. We will share the photographs of the material, 3D rendered images (upon special request), invoice copies, shipping documents or any other relevant info, all through email. Thus, our team ensures a hassle-free experience to our customers, right from material selection to product delivery.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we ship our products all across the globe. Generally, our domestic shipments are delivered via road and international shipments via sea.
  • Can I get a free sample?
    We do send free stone samples to serious customers, however we ask you to take care of the shipping costs.
  • When is my order considered for production?
    After finalization of the stone, order specifications (thickness, variation tolerance, edge profiles, etc.), order lead time, price and shipment terms, our team will share the Proforma invoice. Upon confirmation of Proforma invoice by the customer and receipt of advance amount, our team will start the production.
  • How long does it take to prepare an order?
    Naturally it depends on the size of the order and the amount of processing needed. Generally, the production lead time ranges from 1 week to 4 weeks.
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