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We manufacture slabs and tiles in customised dimensions, thickness and finishes as per customer's requirement.

Note : Natural stones are a product of nature and therefore variations in tones, shadowing, veining, texture and color are inherent. Images and samples only represent the general characteristics of the stone.

With an extremely patterned surface, Mount Black granite has a black background. Highly speckled surface with irregular patterns in white and grey tones naturally enhances the looks of this North Indian granite. Its dark color makes it a great choice for pairing with white or grey color stones. This is suitable for both interior and exterior uses.

This is black granite with coarse grains of dark blue, grey to black colors consistently surfaced all over the stone. In a kitchen or bath setting the blue grey grains will catch the typical down-lighting and offer up an enchanting stone visual. This granite looks elegant in both polished and lapatora finish.

This is premium black granite quarried in Northern India. Glossy or matte, with solid black base and minute grains of dark gray shades, Rajasthan Black Granite always makes a captivating appearance. Strong and durable as any other granite, dark granite countertops will always make a powerful statement.

This is beautiful black granite having black base & having fish-shaped white swirls all across the surface of the slabs. This granite is perfect choice for the interior flooring and wall decoration of house. It also goes well as kitchen countertops in contemporary settings.

This is a variant of black granite quarried mainly in the northern parts of India. This is also known as Oyster Black. White colored coin like shapes are present in the black background of this stone. It adds a vintage and an antique look to your place. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is in high demand globally due to its uniqueness.

This is black Indian granite quarried from North India. The intense black color of its base contrasts with the alteration of radiant fossil white veins.
Due to the purity and beauty of its formidable black color, it is being used in interior design projects in terms of quality and exclusivity. It enjoys the most significant international recognition.

This is rare brown-black granite, extracted from our own quarry located in Rajasthan, North India. This is unique because of its pattern consisting of multiple straight diagonal light brown veins, spread across a multicolored background with shades ranging from brown to grey and black.
Its large color palette and wood like appearance makes it a suitable match in almost any kitchen, bathroom, or living room setting. Its book-matched slabs can turn your flooring into a phenomenal visual statement.

This is black and grey granite with purple, red and sometimes brown veining. This granite generally has a lot of movement. Its hardness, high compressive strength and dark color make it a great choice for exterior walls and floorings.

Tiger Skin Granite with its unique veins of light yellow/ orange color moving over the black base just resembles the tiger skin and accordingly it got its name. This granite has its origin in Rajasthan, India. And it is more often used in large quantities in commercial projects. This granite also has a good overseas demand.

This is highly demanding Granite from India. It features light-brown and grey-black swirling patterns. The natural, earthy brown color gives it a contemporary look that has become very popular among all types of homeowners. This granite is widely used for both residential and commercial projects.

This is reddish brown Granite having dark brown base with dark red grains that looks like cat's eyes and are evenly spread across the surface. This is used in many residential and commercial purposes to give a unique and decorative look to your home and workplace.

This granite is an exquisite blend of browns and black with light sepia colored, cobble shaped flecks. This granite is ideal of both indoor and outdoor applications including BBQ counter surrounds, bathrooms, and countertops.

This is a naturally occurring quartzite making it extremely hard and durable. Subtle lines of cream are layered between varying shades of brown to create a beautiful natural work of art. Given its simple elegance Silky Brown Granite, this is an ideal choice for interior design projects.

Popularly known as P White granite, this is quarried in Northern India. The stunning look of the stone is defined by grey and black colored marks on its snow white surface. This stone works well as a decor and construction material for countertops, floors, and walls.

This is subtle speckled black, gray and white durable granite quarried in North India. This granite is especially good for building countertops, floor, staircase and paving. However, being a tough material, this is suitable for all kinds of design projects including residential and commercial projects. For flooring purpose, this granite can be beautifully coupled with dark contrast black granite.

This granite is made up of tiny quartz particles. These little crystals vary in color from a brilliant white to almost black and every shade of gray in between. It's a medium grained stone, and while each slab has its own composition of crystals, the overall effect is a consistent, pale gray color. It is generally very scratch resistant, making it great for use in high traffic areas.

This is a medium grained homogeneous texture and color, greenish-grey granite with great qualities of strength, durability and elegant look. This is a great choice for kitchen countertops in contemporary interior designs. This is also a popular choice for flooring, both in residential and commercial projects.

This is a kind of green granite which is found in the northern parts of India. Black and ivory specks are evenly spread across greenish grey background, offering a well balanced look. It is popular granite for flooring in both residential and commercial places.

This is North India Granite which is pink in color. This has a Shiny pink surface which looks aesthetic. Light black and cream dots sprinkled consistently over a light pink base. This Pink Granite gives a perfect look when it is being used for interior and exterior flooring.

This granite is having rose type of pattern on pink colored foundation. It is having a mixture of large pink, cream and black specks spread throughout its surface. Be it a floor or the kitchen counter, it surely add a ladylike grace to the decoration. Combined ageless beauty of Rosy Pink granite with modern technology, these can create magic for your home.

This granite has red color background and waves of multicolored micro-crystals that make this stone very eye-catching. This stone is highly demanded for its beautiful appearance and hardness. It is a classic choice for kitchen countertops.

"Bold and Beautiful" is just the right phrase to define the beauty of Red Multi granite. Its surface showcases an eye catching blend of red, dark pink to light brown tones along with the streaks in black, grey and white colors. It is a wonderful material for kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, interior and exterior floorings and staircase.

Bright and bold, Red Kharda granite is an exciting garnet rose color. The stone consists of a blend of medium-grained black-white crystals that combine to form an overall consistent color. Add a pop of color to your modern kitchen with a Red Kharda Granite backsplash or create an eye-catching countertop.

Teakwood is a kind of yellow stone which is quarried in Northern & Central India. There are number of dark brown vein in the light yellow background of the stone. It looks similar to a wooden surface. It is popularly used for exterior flooring and walls. But the polished Teakwood works great when used in interior in contemporary designs.

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